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Good quality Hydraulic Power Units for sales
Good quality Hydraulic Power Units for sales
"I chose ACE because of the excellent quality and pleasant customer support."

—— Peter C

"After quite a bit research I settled on the ACE cylinders as being the best choice for my limited ceiling height."

—— Mark T

"Great products, great prices. Simply put."

—— Jackie M

"Quality is great, all welds are beautiful, pleasant experience."

—— Paul S

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ACEMachinery Co., Ltd ACEMachinery Co., Ltd ACEMachinery Co., Ltd ACEMachinery Co., Ltd
ACE Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
ACE Facility
ACE Facility
ACE Facility

ACE Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

ACE Hydraulic Cylinders & Power Units Manufacturer Workshop

ACE Facility

ACE Facility

ACE Facility

ACE Hydraulic Cylinders & Power Units Manufacturer Workshop 2

ACE Facility

ACE Facility

  • Production Line

    ACE manufacturing facilities are located in China and operate under the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. We pride ourselves in only using high-quality materials and innovative technologies in order to produce the finest hydraulic cylinders and power units. Our manufacturing and design techniques provide product reliability in extreme stress and conditions. All products represented on the western market comply with western standards and include at least a one-year product warranty. It is our purpose to satisfy any rigorous hydraulic demands.

    ACEMachinery Co., Ltd

    What We Do:

    At ACE we manufacture all the main essential components for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units with exceptional attention and precision (from metal processing to assembly and painting). Our company uses a large modern park of equipment to perform such processes as: turning, milling and welding. Painting is performed on the modern industrial paint equipment which is in accordance with requirements for protective coating. In production we use raw materials such as tubes, chrome plated bars and sealing components directly from industry leading suppliers.


    How It's Done:

    • The Company’s Quality Policy is determined by following principles:
    • Increase resources of the company to achieve set quality objectives.
    • Increase efficiency of our employees to meet quality requirements.
    • Compliance and understanding of our customers’ requirements.
    • Responsiveness to our customers’ needs and expectations.
    • Monitoring the quality of all purchased products used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units.
    • Continuous training our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality Management System.
    • Development of new and improvement of existing production technologies to establish the highest Quality standards.
    • Compliance and continuous improvement of the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

    ACE manufactures a wide range of hydraulic products and delivers innovative services to global customers. We deliver the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost. ACE is innovative and dedicated to driving continuous improvement in their operations.


    Today, ACE is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units. ACE serves customers worldwide, from dealers, repair shops, distributors to large OEM companies.

  • R&D

    ACE has extensive experience in building custom hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units and hydraulic components. Our cutting edge equipment and innovative product designs have won many National Awards and recognitions.


    Prior to production of any models we sell – ACE conducts qualification of design testing (both endurance and destructive) to insure designs meet our strict requirements. Once designs are accepted, ACE regularly conducts quality audits and source inspections at the production site to insure quality prior to shipment.

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